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With our comprehensive and affordable service plan,

we can offer the PROTECTION of a trained K9

at a fraction of the cost of

AN INDIVIDUAL security guard.

Also, our we are offering a simple, economical, effective and dependable way to protect the following facilities:

  1. Border protection
  2. Army bases
  3. Airports
  4. Sea Gate
  5. Gas and Oil pipe line
  6. Property protection
  7. Nuclear and Chemical facility's
  8. US Embassy, any US government and Army property oversize
  9. Prisons and Correctional facilities
  10. Solar battery farm
  11. Electric Station, factory
  12. Any government property
  13. Construction Sites
  14. Industrial Facilities,
  15. Storage/Warehouse Facilities
  16. Dealership/Parking lots
  17. Business
  18. Private Property
  19. Public Facility
  20. Department Store
  21. Cargo/personal escort 

  Our GOAL is to provide the most effective and prestigious K-9 Security Services in the Industry. We are a family owned business with over 30 years experience in the guard dog industry, including the former Soviet Union military. We offer only one breed of dog as a guard dog – the legendary Caucasian Ovcharka - a true Working Dog with highly developed security instincts.

Rare in the USA, they are used extensively throughout the former Soviet Union (military, prison system, airports, commercial, residential, etc) and Europe for personal and property protection.

The Caucasian Ovcharka is a guard dog with no equal for their task. They are masters of working independently without direct human supervision.

Instead of training our dogs to respond to pre-conditioned triggers and stimuli based on human body language, we train them to rely on their own genetic instincts to be alert for violent or criminal intent. Subtle changes in behavior, often undetectable to us - even changes in scent or stress responses – are detected immediately by the dog.

Imagine an alarm system that cannot be deactivated, and interprets what it detects with a brain programmed by nature to read body language. Remember, that people known to their victims, perpetrate many violent crimes. People who are likely to be admitted into your premises, past your current detection system and then suddenly reveal their violent intent.

Service plans feature fully trained Caucasian Ovcharkas (Shepherds) or handler and dog teams, meeting your needs head on. We offer 24-hour dispatch; daily, weekly and monthly services that includes pick-up, delivery and clean up service for our K-9s.

Our dogs will STOP THE PROBLEM,


PILB Lic # 1732


24/7 dispatch